Block Producer Recruitment

Early-bird Round Voting Rules

How to vote officially

Official voting: 2019.07.20 Bystack(After the launch of Bystack mainnet)

Bycoin App(v1.2.0,update after the launch of Bystack mainnet)

  • 1.Switch to sidechain:wallet management->switch to sidechain
  • 2.Transfer BTM to sidechain:cross-chain->transfer to Vapor
  • *Cross-chain transaction requires a little fee(less than 0.01BTM).cross-chain transaction will be completed in 24 hours,please wait patiently
  • 3.Vote:vote->choose candidates to vote->vote successfully
  • *Voting requires a little fee(less than 0.01BTM),voted BTM will be locked in Vapor wallet,you can redeem in 20 days
  • 4、Veto:Vote->Veto->Select Node
  • *When you cancel part of the votes, the rest part of the votes will be re-voted and locked for 20 days.

Bytom/Vapor Wallet for Desktop (update after the launch of Bystack mainnet)【Vapor Download】【Bytom Download】

  • 1.Transfer BTM to sidechain:transfer to federation address through Bytom wallet;
  • 2.Switch to sidechain:Use Vapor to import Keystore;
  • 3.Vote:use Vapor wallet to vote;

Early bird voting

In order to incentive all the community to participate in voting and pick out Block Producers,We launched the 15-day early bird voting awards, which provide community members with generous early bird voting rewards and lower threshold voting tools. The votes of community members can determine which candidates become Block Producers, participate in community governance, and build the Bystack blockchain ecosystem. All members of the community are expected to participate in the voting process to create your own value and get benefits.

Voting time

Early bird voting: 7.05 15:00 - 7.20 00:00

How to vote

Bycoin App(v1.1.0) 【Download Now】

Discovery->Bystack early bird voting->choose candidates to vote->vote successfully

Bytom Wallet for Desktop 【Download Now】

Choose candidates to vote->Use sign-message command to sign the message->Submit signature information successfully

Voting reward

The annual reward of early bird voting is 25%, from day1 to the end. Vote more and you will get more reward.


W = ROI x = Voted BTM R = 25%*(1/365)

For example

10000 BTM15102.74 BTM
50000 BTM15513.70 BTM
100000 BTM151027.40 BTM


  • 1. In the early bird voting, Your balance must be more than your total number of early bird votes.
  • 2. Official votes should be more than your total number of early bird votes or you can't get early bird reward.
  • 3. In official voting, your BTM will be locked in sidechain wallet and you can redeem in 20 days.
  • 4. The deadline for official voting is August 1th,00:00, Early bird reward will be sent to sidechain wallet in 7days. The reward should be more than 1 BTM or we won't send.

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