Fast access

Bystack provides one-stop blockchain solutions as well as efficient and easy-to-use blockchain services and development tools to enterprises and developers of different scales.

Efficient and stable

Bystack adopts unique mainchain-sidechain collaborative working model. Sidechain Vapor operates large-scale commercial applications, while mainchain Bytom ensures security and stability.

Open consensus

The consensus network of Bystack is open and transparent. The consensus mechanism of Vapor is DPoS+BBFT, and anyone can be a consensus node.

Commercial applications

Bystack is suitable for a wide range of business application scenarios, provides plenty of pluggable service, as well as a complete application ecosystem, support one-click release of business applications.

Blockchain infrastructure

Mainchain-sidechain collaborative working model

The bloackchain infrastructure of Bystack adopts a Mainchain-sidechain collaborative working model. The mainchain adopts PoW to ensure the security and decentralization of diverse assets. The sidechain Vapor serves different business scenarios and meets the requirements of high performance to accelerate blockchain business applications.

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Vapor is one of the most important blockchain infrastructures on the platform and adopts the innovative DPoS+BBFT consensus.It has the characteristics of high performance, high security and scalability for building large-scale commercial applications.

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Platform architecture

Bystack is a general blockchain application stacking platform that inherits and implements a blockchain three-tier architecture, which are Bytom mainchain, Vapor sidechain, Blockcenter, and access components such as Bycoin, Byone, and Bystore.

Bystack relies on public Bytom platform and Vapor sidechain. Through Federation as an interactive protocol between the main chain and side chain, Bystack provides a channel for the transmission of values and lay a solid foundation to the upper application.

Blockcenter is the center of business and the core of entire system. Along with other upper services such as Bycoin, Byone , Bystore implement the third layer of blockchain applications. Bycoin and Byone provide complete mobile and desktop client solutions, while Bystore provides a complete and powerful development framework.


As the core of the entire enterprise-level blockchain, Blockcenter expands the capabilities of the underlying mainchain and sidechain. On the other hand, it abstracts the underlying blockchain technology to provide a typical application development framework, while also provides maintenance, monitoring and upgrades.

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