Blockcenter architecture introduction

Blockcenter features modular and hierarchical design. The common business flow is split into different modules. Blockcenter provides the basic capabilities and implementation framework of typical applications, allowing users to deploy their own business like “building blocks” according to their own needs and easily implement their business logic on blockchain. In terms of bottom layer, it frees users from understanding the underlying blockchain technology principles, and focus more on their own business development. Blockcenter is the bridge between blockchain technology and commercial applications.

Core business layer

Identity Authentication

Responsible for user identity authentication and authentication at the upper level of the service, providing user identity registration and login services.

Account Management

Manage user identity information and maintain the correspondence between user identity and blockchain identity.

Rights Management

Set the permissions of the user to expand or reduce the user's operation rights.

Credit Evaluation

As each onchain transaction destroy coindays, Bystack introduces CDD (CoinDays Destroyed) into credit rating as an evaluation factor, so that malicious rating is not possible.

Payment Management

Provides user's payment information and conducts further statistical and risk control warning based on such information.

Deposit And Withdrawal

Provide deposit and withdrawal of digital currency. Merchants can access very simply without development.

Transaction Billing

Provides a pre-paid function that automatically bills based on the merchant's debit logic.

Asset Management

Provides background management functions for different assets of the mainchain and sidechain.

Order Management

Manage user-initiated orders and track different orders.

Promotion Operations

Customize in-app activities, set up transaction fee reductions or other promotions.

Blockchain Adapter - Open Application and Blockchain Technology

The adaptation layer functions as the core module by hiding the complexity of the underlying technology. Via the interface adapter, the upper application can easily use the underlying technology of the blockchain. We also provide more complex configuration interface for customized needs.

Federation Agent

The business intermediary of the mainchain-sidechain communication. It is responsible for the pegout from sidechain to mainchain and he management of pegin from mainchain to sidechain, transforming cross-chain transactions from blockchain to upper-layer business transactions.

BUTXO management

BUTXO storage and identification for each user. Choose the appropriate algorithm to determine the correct BUTXO when creating a transaction and using DApp.

Sidechain Management

Manage the sidechains in use or created.

Transaction management

The management of the trading model of assets on mainchain and sidechain. It is compatible with multiple types of transactions.

Onchain Identity

Mainly serving the decentralized identity system, The identity storage information in the blockchain is parsed and transmitted to the core business layer for authentication.

Contract management

Moduels like Equity or WASM are available and provides onchain offchain storage. Contract content can also be customized and distributed to sidechain or mainchain.

Development tools

Blockcenter provides complete toolkit and specifications, combined with the Bycoin SDK as a mobile solution, Byone as a desktop solution and Bystore as Dapp open platform. We support multi-language SDK, which can be used very conveniently on Blockcenter.